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Welcome to the Otherworld Database! This is a wiki originally created to organize ideas and sources for my writing, therefore this wiki will be used to organize my thoughts, house the writings I do not intend to publish, and act as a personal website to some degree. All pages will be locked to all but admins of this wiki (no, I will not add anyone to be an admin as this is a personal wiki and I cannot control who can view it). Any sources that are listed are encouraged to be looked at and utilized as much as you like. Any of my works put on this website are personal and I would greatly appreciated it if you don't plagiarize or steal my works. If this becomes an issue, then none of my work will be put on this wiki.

There are currently 162 pages and a total of 2,674 edits since the birth of this wiki.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the wiki. :)

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If not them, this wiki would not exist. The most important thing here. Teams made out of the characters from the Otherworld Universe. There are thousand of races, Homo Sapiens is just one of them. Our smaller brothers. Important places, planets etc Earth-Prime Is not the only world in the Otherworld universe Like in all these jRPG, most of these items are cool, helpfull or important "Guns don't kill people, I do." Drive, Dive, Swim and Fly with these.


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